My Story

I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and as a child, watching my father read his daily newspaper and my sisters scrambling for the entertainment section was my mirror into the world of imagery.

Francis Oghuma is a multimedia reporter who relocated to Cologne, Germany in 2015. The year happened to be a notable one in German & world immigration history with the influx of refugees and immigrants and a lot has changed since then. He is currently using his storytelling skills through thought-provoking imagery to share his personal experiences & about his environment. His goal is to use his storytelling skills to spark conversations about the intersection between identity and immigration. He is one of the brains behind and Oghuma is based in Cologne, Germany, and is available for assignments & collaborations.

My goals?

My focus is on BIPOC experiences, identity, immigration, and women's rights.

We live in a world where stories needs to be told the way it is, and not sugarcoated in order to make it out there. My visual interest is engaging with everyday people to give their perspectives on social issues, and also document the process with my multimedia tools.